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I'm sporting an array of multi-colored band-aids on my hands from a recent run of woodworking. I'm setting up a wood shop to build frames and boards for both oils and photographs. This act of working with a gambit of old and new tools sparked an insight: Chinafication. The difference between an old Stanley screwdriver and a contemporary stanley screwdriver is astounding. The old Stanley, proudly stamped 'USA' has a heft and feel of solidity lacking in it's cheaply manufactured 'made in China' counterpart. Not that China is incapable of manufacturing quality products, one just has to look at an iphone or ipad to see just how fine their work can be. It would seem that some companies just want a cut corner cheaply manufactured product. A disposable product. Is this greed? or Bean-counters Gone Wild? How many screwdrivers need be sold? One for every person needing one, or, one plus multiple replacements for the broken cheaply manufactured product. We must decide if we want quality or a legacy of broken screwdrivers.

Welcome to my new site!

Well after much procrastination, I'm pleased announce the launch of my new site. If you have a moment please share an opinion.

Here's a picture from my new fog series.